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Follow the steps for the best conservation of your jewellery pieces.



Always store your pieces individually, preferably in your Jack the Piper  original box, to avoid scratches with other pieces. 

Keep your chains fastened and stretched to avoid getting tangled.

Always storage in a dry, dark and cool place.



We recommend for silver and Gold you to only use a professional jewellery cleaning cloth.   And for brass BRASSO, a liquid you can buy in in any hardware store, Our Brass pieces will change the collour very quick as the nature of the material behaveur, you will have to keep clean if you want the 14ck gold collour to remain unchangeble.



We recommend to not wear your jewellery when showering or swimming and to remove rings before washing your hands.

Soups and tap water will dull your pieces over time.

Avoid wearing jewellery on a beach. 

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