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I am Giulliano Spitaletti a Craftsman living in Lewes, a small City in the south of England.
The products you see on this website are the continuity of a making process that started a long time ago.
The lines, shapes, and forms which I study during my graduation as Architect, gave me the knowledge and foundations for whatever art i would like to make in the future,
However, only after some years in London, i discover the Jewellery Trade, was the first time i finally found a trade where i could work.
Inside the jewellery trade, i study many subjects, always learning and improving skills, especially wax carving.
Some years pass by and I started to submerge inside the world of pipe smoking,
and until now it is a true passion. I drove down the hill and i learned to make accessories and tampers for pipe smoking.
Slowly i found the courage to invest in a Lathe to start making Pipes, it marges my jewelry making, architecture and with the time i spent by the lathe in my father's engineers' workshop when i was  a young man.

Following is a list of Masters I had the honor to Learn from:

J Mouton - Pipe Maker
Patricio Alzamorra _ Jeweller
Carlos Brito- Jeweller
Rubens Matuck- Artist
Peris Sola - print maker
Kinslanki- sculpture
Erte de Jesus Spitaletti -Business
Peter ans Alex Kuksjonoks- Stone Setting

back pic 3.jpg

- After I 'v worked all most 2 decades as a manufacture for the jewellery sector, I decided to step in the pipe smoking Sector

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